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We, at AMR Solutions, believe that advanced financial instruments should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size or type. With VAT Portal SMB, we provide our customers with fully automated solution, able to manage their accounting operations with increased efficiency and ease at a fraction of a price.

Flexibility of our solution lets you choose what is best for you, with all the necessary tools at tips of your fingers. You don't even need some fancy ERP system or automated business processes to benefit from our solution — the VAT Portal SMB can do it all for you.

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  • Must be a registered taxpayer with TAX ID number
  • Bundle purchases will be associated with a registered TAX ID and will be available for a single user. Additional user to be associated with a registered TAX ID can be purchased at one-time payment of 10 AZN per additional user
100 eQF/eVHF

free upon sign up

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